200 nights of accommodation for a homeless person

Did you know?…

In 2016, the unemployment rate in Catalonia was at 14.85% (558.000 people).
23.5% of Catalans are at risk of poverty or social exclusion.
In Catalonia, there are currently 12,000 homeless people.
In the province of Barcelona, there are an estimated 3,395 homeless people. Out of these, 900 live in the streets and the rest are housed in public or private reception centers.
Every 6 days a homeless person dies in the streets of Spain.

The ASSIS Center d’Acollida association is a non-profit organization founded in the year 2000. Their MISSION is to improve the quality of life of the homeless, offering a space of positive relationship and making them protagonists of their processes of change.

Yurbban Project for ASSIS Center d’Acollida

“200 nights of accommodation for a homeless person”

Toni is a homeless person who walks 6 km every day to come to our center. In ASSISI, Toni is offered a warm coffee for breakfast, a sandwich and something sweet. Once he has recovered forces, he goes on to use the to the wardrobe and hygiene services, where he takes a good shower and puts on clean clothes. In addition to using these and other basic services that ASSÍS offers, Toni has been coming to the center for 2 years to meet with his friends, who like him do not have a roof to take shelter. With them he can talk that day if he feels like it, play domino´s and/or even find a way to obtain some extra money. Besides this, Toni is still trying his luck sending some curriculums to reach his ultimate goal: rent a room in the city that gave birth to him and where he always dreamed of coming back: Barcelona.

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CONDITIONS: 1% of total sales collected through our website between July and December 2017 will be used for the project in full.