‘Everything’ in Trafalgar

To stay in our hotels Yurbban Trafalgar and Yurbban Passage is to stay in one of the most centric areas from Barcelona city. In the town hall website you will find the explanations for the origin of Barcelona street names, and Trafalgar Street, according to the gazetteer is named for the British battle. It is a post-industrial charming area, authentic, in spite of being so centric and quiet.

Following our philosophy Live as a native we have chosen five places very close to the hotel, and really worthy for our Yurbbaners to visit and discover:

La Casa dels Entremesos (2 Las Beatas Street). This place is for culture and tradition lovers. You will find a place for awareness raise in Catalan culture and traditions. They have workshops, sardanas class (Catalan traditional dance), and temporary expositions. During October you will find a photo exposition on the 425 years of the Saint Roc Feast. So if you love photography and popular feasts you should go!

Progrés. Image by Ajuntament de Barcelona


Pròleg Book Store (46 Sant Pere més Alt Street). If you know who Dora Maar is, you prefer Dora Diamant than Kafta, your bedtime reading is Orlando’s from Virginia Wolf, or you just laughed with Dorothy Parker’s acid stories, this is your place. This book store was founded by a group of women, and for more than 26 years have promoted women literature. Talks, readings, and specially a wide selection of books. The best of it? To seek professional advice from Àngels Grases, the library co-director who will wisely guide you.

Maison Puyvalin (23 Trafalgar Street). Are you craving for a good French cheese? A Beaujolais wine? Some Foie Gras? Close to our hotels you will find one of the best shops in Catalonia, specialized in real French gastronomy, perfect for going there on a bike ride, and taking some supplies to Ciutadella Pack for an improvised and chic Picnic

The Palau de la Música Viewpoint (4-6 Palau de la Musica Street). If you are a Domènech i Montaner’s modernism and architecture lover you will definitely enjoy this space, where the view is oriented to the Palau’s facade and the wonderful unique view of one of the most emblematic buildings in the city.

La Cucine Mandarosso


La cucine dil mandaroso (4 Verdaguer i Callís Street), a hidden restaurant perfect for pasta lovers and for couples that look for a romantic place to eat. Its origin is a student tribute to her grandmother’s recipe book, and from 2008 we can enjoy her Italian cuisine. Do you want a recommendation? Don’t miss the desserts.