Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel

One of the best panoramas in Barcelona, with magnificent 360 degree views. Our terrace is the jewel of Yurbban Trafalgar, a boutique hotel where you'll be welcomed like a friend and leave feeling like a true native of the city.

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Yurbban Passage Hotel & Spa

Our new hotel is located right next to Passatge de les Manufactures, a place packed with history. A passageway recovered to breathe new life into the neighbourhood. A new meeting place in Barcelona.

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Ceramics as a language, Diego Sampere

Diego Sampere mixes sand and water with his hands and then molds it to give life to delicate pieces of design. The fusion of traditional craftsmanship with the current design of the hand of a young Catalan artist. The balance between materials and design The scenery in front of us is Diego surrounded by infinite […]

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A tour with your best friend in Barcelona!

WE LOVE FRIENDS! «Do you remember…? » This is probably the most repeated sentence we say to our friends when we go traveling and remember our adventures while we laugh. Sharing is caring and it makes a difference, and if it is with your best friend, much better! This post is especially dedicated to friends […]

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Welcome to Yurbban Passage

You will find our Hotel side to side to one of the passages related to the economic and textile history of the city, the Manufatures Passage created in 1878. With love for what is local and with an international vocation. Same family as Yurbban, but with a unique personality and a superior category. A wide […]

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