Hotel Yurbban Trafalgar

One of the best panoramas in Barcelona, with magnificent 360 degree views. Our terrace is the jewel of Yurbban Trafalgar, a boutique hotel where you'll be welcomed like a friend and leave feeling like a true native of the city.

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Hotel Yurbban Passage

Our new hotel is located right next to Passatge de les Manufactures, a place packed with history. A passageway recovered to breathe new life into the neighbourhood. A new meeting place in Barcelona.

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Social projects by Yurbban Hotels

Last year, Yurbban Hotels collaborated with these two associations by donating 1% of the profits from each booking. Two separate projects created to help integrate children with physical and/or mental disabilities into society. With the ASPASIM Foundation, we helped made orthopaedic moulds for children with mobility difficulties. The following semester, our aid went to the […]

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Sangria goes gourmet

Lolea is fun and happiness with friends and family. Lolea is summer, picnics, parties and friendship. The Lolea team has a very clear idea for putting a new spin on the Spanish tradition of drinking sangria, with everything that ritual implies and the good atmosphere that goes with it. To extol its character and personality, […]

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Sensitivity, emotion and dialogue

Defining Antoni Yranzo is as difficult as defining emotions. This plastic artist creates his sculptures in a workshop in a former factory that has been converted into a creative hub. A studio located in the Poblenou district where he creates magnificent pieces in wood and metal. Minimalist works of art that stand out for their […]

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