Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel

One of the best panoramas in Barcelona, with magnificent 360 degree views. Our terrace is the jewel of Yurbban Trafalgar, a boutique hotel where you'll be welcomed like a friend and leave feeling like a true native of the city.

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Yurbban Passage Hotel & Spa

Our new hotel is located right next to Passatge de les Manufactures, a place packed with history. A passageway recovered to breathe new life into the neighbourhood. A new meeting place in Barcelona.

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Gastroyurbban Plans

Yurbban Passage Hotel & Spa, more than a tribute to the local gastronomy, is a very celebration of it. Let’s begin with breakfast. We can all agree that every good day starts right here, and each and every detail is important.  Our philosophy is to Live as a native, and if you´re staying at our […]

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Museums not featured in the guides (or not as much).

If you like art and you are someone who likes to escape from the monotony, this post is dedicated to you. We have compiled a list of museums that are seldom talked about or that can go unnoticed in the incredible cultural possibilities offered to us by the city of Barcelona. In Paris, besides going […]

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In search of the best ¨Escudella i Carn d’olla¨ of Barcelona.

With our spirit of Live as a native, where we always want to discover the essence of the indigenous culture, and coming up to Christmas, in Yurbban we wish to invite you to discover the history of a typical Catalan dish, in addition to revealing a special place to enjoy it if you are spending […]

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