A tour with your best friend in Barcelona!


«Do you remember…? » This is probably the most repeated sentence we say to our friends when we go traveling and remember our adventures while we laugh. Sharing is caring and it makes a difference, and if it is with your best friend, much better!

This post is especially dedicated to friends traveling together and staying at Yurbban, ready to share Barcelona city. Are you ready for our six plans?

1. For art and exhibitions lovers:
Barcelona includes a great retrospective of Paula Rego in Palau de la Virreina (Rambla,99). Rego is one of most important figurative painters from the second half of the XXth century, and you will be able to enjoy her great subversive art until October the 8th.

Photo: Instagram Isidro Cosmetics

2. For cosmetics lovers:
Do you like cosmetics but not the average and mainstream cosmetics? Do you like trying any type of local products when on a trip? Then this shop is for you: Isidro Cosmetic Shop (Maria Aguiló 83). You will find beauty products from all around the globe, and also made in Barcelona products. Trust Isidro and his team, with good taste and lovers of anything artisan. And they also have a selection for men!

3. For artisan and seasonal products lovers:
After a long long walk there is nothing like having an Orchata or a lemon slushy…Mhm! Our favorite is the one in Orxateria Valenciana (Aribau, 16). They prepare it with a lot of love since 1910. We also recommend you their Jijona ice-creams, and their coffee slushy. A summer must for everyone!

Photo: Instagram La Valenciana

4. For moviegoers
Do you feel like having a picnic and watching a film under the stars? Mecal is your festival, the best short films will be seen in this festival during the summer, and also in September. Take advantage of the nice temperatures and the magnificence of this alternative festival to enjoy these last days.

5. For good tapas lovers:
Are you looking for a good bar to snack some nice tapas? We recommend you La Esquinica (Passeig Fabra i Puig, 296). In 1972 started the love story between people from Barcelona and the Tapas from Aragón, blame it on them.

We hope you will like our 5 suggestions to enjoy your travel with your best friend, there is a 6th one that we have not included in this Yurbban list: to enjoy our magnificent 360º view of the city from our terrace, where you will have the city under your feet. Our wonderful city will offer you an unforgettable and impressive sunset. Welcome!


Header image: Paula Rego’s art. Image from Ajuntament de Barcelona