Sónar, not only about music

Nice weather is here and so are the Festival events. In addition to Primavera Sound Festival, there is this inescapable appointment: the Sónar Festival. June 15th, 16th and 17th, the whole city will become Sónar.

From its beginnings in the early 90’s, this is a project that supports innovative, experimental and electronic music. But Sónar is not only about music… it is a visionary proposal from its creators. For instance, they knew from the beginning that there would be a daytime and a night time Sónar. And this once project has now become the epicenter of the innovative music in the world. Sónar Barcelona is synonymous not only of electronic music, but also of modernity, quality, vision, technology, networking, sustainability and fun.

On this 2017th edition, the festival comes with some suprises: it will offer with cultural proposals throughout the city, going from expositions, to DJ sessions, or permanent installations. From an inaugural DJ set by Iceland singer Björk, to the sound installation “Wave Shift” by Mark Bain, in Mies van der Rohe Hall. Also in this edition you will find experimental dance performances like “Épica”.

Sonar+D includes conferences, training days, as well as professional talks on the music market and the cultural industry. In this section they will be focusing on the connection between creativity and technology, as well as on the digital transformation that has been taking place in cultural industries. An exciting challenge highlighting brilliant figures such as the documentarist, photographer and creative Andrea Lamount, with her intriguing project “Omnipresenz” based on immersive reality. Another must of the festival.

Before the festival begins it is worth taking a look at the parallel Sónar events map, as there will be activities going on further than the main Sónar location in Gran Via FIRA. For instance in Cosmo Caixa, there will be a Global Conference about innovation tendencies focused on entrepreneurs, with talks on sustainable growth politics. There will be many scientists and political representatives from around the world assisting.

We get excited every year about the new Sónar program with so many different proposals. And 2017th line up is as brilliant as usual, on previous occasions. The Canadians JUSTICE will come again to the city with their light cross and electronic power, also De La Soul, which needs no introduction. Moderat, from a promise to a consolidate group. Craig Richards… and an endless list of artists, bands, local, national and international DJ’s.

Welcome 2017!

Photos by wijkmarkphoto