Sonia Subirós – Monotype, the fresh pigment stamp

Lawyer by trade, Sonia Subirós for many years she has been able to develop her career maintaining her passion for the art. She has combined the painting and the sculpture and in the last three years she has immersed herself in the world of engraving.

The Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel, old textile building, houses the first sculpture piece that she made with the artist Margarita Veiga. A set of four cylinders of methacrylate containing fabric reels in honor of the textile world. The piece “Doble ancho” alludes to the update of what was the nuclear zone in the Barcelona’s economic and social dynamics of the 19th century, specially linked to the textile industry and its trade.

With the Yurbban Passage opening, Sonia’s pictures, named Monotipia, decorate the walls of the different rooms. With gray, brown, blue and green tones, these are unique pieces elaborated through a manual and artisanal process.

Sonia rescued the wallpapers from the old building walls before it was restored and is currently in a new process of creation in which she incorporates part of these remnants into her work with the intention that part of the history of the building will lasts in time and be transformed.

Our intention has been always to link the soul of Yurbban Hotels to art, the artists and the local culture. A philosophy that we want to be always part of the seal of our projects.

According to Sonia, her work talks about the passage of time, the waiting and the silence. As well as the landscape, the light and the color.

All inspired by the light of the city of Barcelona.