Social projects by Yurbban Hotels

Last year, Yurbban Hotels collaborated with these two associations by donating 1% of the profits from each booking. Two separate projects created to help integrate children with physical and/or mental disabilities into society.

With the ASPASIM Foundation, we helped made orthopaedic moulds for children with mobility difficulties. The following semester, our aid went to the young people at Escola Taiga, helping them get mobile devices to improve their learning experience. We’re very happy to have participated in these inclusive social actions and to have opted to transform disabilities into opportunities.
It’s no coincidence that both foundations are based in Barcelona. Our philosophy is based on supporting local projects. We believe that need doesn’t care about origins, and we want to be aware of and sensitive to what is going on around us, whether or not it is within our reach.

Helping people improve their quality of life is key and our goal is to continue promoting this type of actions. This is why we’re working with Nexe Foundation again in 2017. This time we’re working to raise enough money to buy auxiliary respirators. We’ve decided to keep moving for those who can’t do it on their own.