Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel

One of the best panoramas in Barcelona, with magnificent 360 degree views. Our terrace is the jewel of Yurbban Trafalgar, a boutique hotel where you'll be welcomed like a friend and leave feeling like a true native of the city.

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Yurbban Passage Hotel & Spa

Our new hotel is located right next to Passatge de les Manufactures, a place packed with history. A passageway recovered to breathe new life into the neighbourhood. A new meeting place in Barcelona.

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Welcome to the «Passatge de les Manufactures»

Yurbban Passage Hotel & SPA is located in the recently inaugurated Passatge de les Manufatures, now a beautiful alley of the city, but without an entrance or exit up until just a few months ago. The passage links ​​Ciutat Vella and Eixample, neighborhoods of Barcelona, joining the streets Ortigosa / Trafalgar to Sant Pere Mes […]

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We are inaugurating the Festival season in Barcelona

Couple of days ago we inaugurated the Rooftop-terraces season in Barcelona and now we are alreay welcoming the season of Festivals. All types of the events, dates and concerts of different styles arrive to the “condal” city, with every time more and more eclectic line-ups and with some already consolidated propositions. Yurbbaner, we want you […]

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Barcelona Hotel Terrace Week 2018

To climb the highest point of the buildings, to observe the city at our feet and to make a toast with a good company, while enjoying the emblematic skyline of Barcelona. This plan is closer to you than you can imagine! With arrival of the good weather in Barcelona, we are officially inaugurating the rooftop-season […]

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