3.2.1 … # MWC18

The Torre Agbar of Barcelona transforms, its colors change and the initials MWC18 appear. The whole city and its visitors know that, Barcelona ​​undergoes a metamorphosis for the next week in the world´s capital of technology.

Once again, the long awaited Mobile World Congress 2018 lands in our city. The meeting point of the most important technological players of today, an event of the highest importance worldwide, where the latest developments of a sector in permanent evolution are presented.

This year’s slogan is “Future Better Now”, which proposes 17 objectives, promoted by the UN, to combat poverty, climate change and inequalities all before 2030.

Presentations, conferences, meet ups, networking, all related to mobile connectivity to help create opportunities towards progress, to amplify, for example, access to medical care.

The startups, the accelerators and the entrepreneurial realm will revolve around 4YFN, a date that gains prominence each year and consolidates within the activities of MWC.

YOMO, another parallel event to the Mobile for teachers, schools and children takes the lead regarding learning through greater access to information and the approach to new technologies and teaching.

To demonstrate these objectives, the MWC 2018 wanted to commit to  local talent in order to deliver a global message. Brosmind are two artists from Barcelona who have expressed the role that the mobile and its industry perform to create a #betterfuture together. These talented brothers, already well known internationally, have drawn some characters that you will have no doubt seen around Barcelona, which will provide a lot to talk about. They´re great!

Internet, the world 2.0 is also very important in Yurbban which is why we put technology at the service of the Yurbbaners, our guests, so that their experience can be perfect. High-speed Wi-Fi, computers at the disposition of the guests, mobile phones with 24-hour connection and the Porter & Sail App; an application that allows you to plan your trip from the moment of the reservation and that offers exclusive recommendations to discover the city as a true native. With Porter & Sail we want to bring back the old tradition of asking the concierge what the best place to visit or eat at is. A practice adapted to the era of technology and which includes our motto: Live as a Native.

Discover the Barcelona technology with us, welcome to # MWC18