A summer of holidays. And a winter sleeping under a roof.

We’re back from the holidays loaded with good news!

Thanks to all of you, 15 young people were able to go camping to “Camp del Remei”, located in the Bisbal de l’Empordà. During 6 days of colonies, the guys went on excursions to places of interest in the area, kayak excursions, trips to the municipal swimming pool, various sports, night games and water games.

Good nutrition during these summer days was also very important and the group was able to enjoy a healthy and nutritious diet. They finished up the last day making a farewell paella by the whole group which ended up delicious.

Each one of you has made possible, by simply reserving through our website, that not one single boy or girl of this casal has missed out on holidays and left without educational support.

Additionally, and on the heels of this good news, we wanted to inform you that we have begun a new collaboration with Arrels Fundació, a foundation with the objective that “No one sleeps on the street.”

Thus, from now until the end of the year, 1% of the total reservations made through this web will go entirely to this new project. All focused on paying rent, supplies and maintenance of a flat for several months so that people sleeping on the street can spend the coldest months of the year under one roof.

Thanks for the continued contribution. And thank you for supporting our social projects and looking after the needs of those who need it the most, who are often closer than ever to us.