A summer of Slow Beauty at Yurbban Passage Hotel & Spa

Life in the city can sometimes be overwhelming. There are days in which the only thing you need is to relax and disconnect from your routine and the noise, and especially now in the middle of summer!

In Yurbban Passage Hotel & Spa we find Signature Organic Spa, the first vegan and organic spa in the country, which has created the concept of Slow beauty, to help us press pause on our busy day-to-day life in the city. You will find different beauty treatments that, as they say, provide multisensory experiences in order to relax, nourish and reconnect mind and body to transport you to a state of Slow beauty.

This summer, we have been doing our research to come up with the perfect formula between relaxation and gastronomy while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and we present you with two great plans that you won´t want to miss out on. Ready to disconnect for a few hours from the world and routine?

We start by proposing Summer Rooftop Beauty, an experience that combines a 30-minute massage treatment at Signature Spa, followed by another 30 minutes in the thermal circuit. Upon finishing, head up to our magnificent rooftop with views overlooking Barcelona and enjoy a Norwegian salmon appetizer in soy with mustard vinaigrette and algae accompanied by a wellness cocktail that we have named Summer Breeze by the restaurant d’Aprop, led by the Michelin star chef Xavier Franco. If you prefer to keep it a cruelty free animal experience, there is also the option of a vegan appetizer.

But our catalog of proposals doesn´t end there. Together with our neighbors at Flax & Kale, the city’s trendy Flexiterian healthy restaurant, we have created the Vegan Spa & Food Experience. A novel proposal where you can enjoy a 45-minute massage with SCENS organic and vegan products from Signature Spa, followed by 60 minutes of absolute relaxation in the thermal circuit. Complete the experience by trying some of their tasty and healthy 100% plant-based and gluten-free dishes, whether for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Sometimes we need to spoil ourselves a little and dedicate the time to take care of ourselves and relax, so join us and live an authentic healthy experience of Wellness and Gastronomy.