Celebrate Christmas at Yurbban Passage

Enjoy these special dates to be with friends and family without having to worry about anything. Yurbban has different charming corners to celebrate the traditions of these dates. You can book your favorite space to enjoy a gastronomic experience with your favorite group without losing the warm and homely atmosphere.

That’s why this year you can’t miss Yurbban Passage’s proposals that will make you feel at home and enjoy the most magical time of the year. The perfect plan for this Christmas? Dinners with your lover or family? Cocktail or banquet? We have special menus such as Christmas menus with “Escudella i carn d’olla” or chicken with Christmas stuffing. Sant Esteve with traditional cannelloni with foie gras and beixamel, and New Year’s Eve with lucky grapes and cotillions. All this accompanied by wine, cava, and sweet treats such as the Christmas log, “neulas” and nougats…