Go around Barcelona with a longboard by Campton BCN

A guy is having a Cola while his longboard is resting on the wall, he’s gonna use it to travel around the city in a moment. This picture could be a postcard from the 50’s, but it is actually happening in downtown Barcelona in the twenty-first century, at Yurbban Trafalgar, with the brand we have selected for our Yurbbaners to travel around Barcelona: Campton BCN.

We have been fascinated by this old-school invention from the beginning. The longboard is a type of Skateboard, or a board like with wheels, that allow us to “surf” asphalt roads. It gets its name from the sea surf longboards.

Longboards come from an older predecessor named sidewalk surfing which is believed to be created by young surfers looking for surf board like sensations.

And that is what we look for at Yurbban, to surf and discover the city with the best longboard, wooden made, craft made, carefully made that is Campton BCN. A wonderful old-school longboard inspired by Barcelona and San Sebastian.

So, how do they do it? “You go fast but you see everything”, tells David, 19. He rides Barcelona on a longboard and he knows Campton BCN perfectly, “they are suited to take fast curves and give you so much stability”.

You already know that at Yurbban we have an international spirit, but we always boost locals, that’s why we were interested in Alejandro and Maria’s longboards. As Campton BCN founders, they are two young entrepreneurs with a new project and great enthusiasm. At Yurbban we fell in love with them, because Campton BCN are in fact a piece of art, a unique art work.

“We take care of every design, board shapes, materials, wheels, general accessories”. They told us: “We wanted a local product, because we believe it is good to take a chance for local brands”. That goes perfectly with the Yurbban “Live as a Native” philosophy.

Four years ago at the X Games, an expert skater, Paul Rodríguez, said that “Barcelona is like a huge skate park” and we agree. We encourage you to choose and enjoy this ecologic means of transport that has responsible production and connects you to the city like no other does.

We also recommend you some websites for you to know how to enjoy even more this sport: Bcn on Board and Longboard Barcelona