Live as a native with… Softheads

Yurbban wants to introduce you the most trendy local brands. That’s why we’ve talked with Sergio Roger, creative director of Softheads, and the responsible for the dog heads that you’ll find in the rooms of our hotel.

What is Softheads?
Softheads is a brand of design that reinterprets traditional decorative elements in a contemporary way through humor and crafts.

What is the history of Softheads? Who are Softheads?
The brand was born in November 2011, although the idea of the product comes from long ago. It started when I was studying Fine Arts: I made a project of textile sculptures inspired by hunting trophies turned into masterpieces. In that moment I thought that these pieces – and the fact of working with fabrics – had a lot of potential, so I always thought of turning it into a business beyond the art world. Otherwise, Softheads is currently formed by two partners: Cristina Olivé as project manager and director of marketing and sales, and myself as creative director of the brand.

Define Softheads in three words
Contemporary, traditional, handcraft.

How do you get inspired?
The world of art, fashion, design, antiques… but the inspiration comes mainly working and traveling.

What is your favorite dog?
Tough question, but if I have to choose one I would have the dachshund (wiener dog).

What are your future projects?
We are exploring new product lines and collaborations with other designers and brands. For example, we are investigating ways of collaborating with African craftsmen using traditional textile techniques to design a collection inspired in this continent.

Recommend an authentic spot of Barcelona.
‘Can Maño’, a tavern of fishermen at Barceloneta neighborhood.

What is your advice to “live as a native” for a tourist to discover Barcelona?
To be passionate, curious and respectful with the city and its people.

What is to be Yurbban?
It is to be sophisticated but transgressor.