New year, new projects!


Happy new year Yurbbaners! We say goodbye to 2019 happy to have achieved the proposed joint objective made with Llars Compartides foundation: to carry out a project with the aim of improving the quality of life of older people with low incomes through a model of aging amidst company, that is, to cover the maintenance expenses of 9 homes where 34 elderly people with mental and physical autonomy coexist, who have chosen “cohousing”  as a solution.

We began 2020 full of energy and good news, and hit the ground running with a new foundation. This first semester will see us collaborating with the CRAM Foundation, specialized in the Conservation and Recovery of Marine Animals and the coasts.

This entity, which we are focusing on for the next 6 months, is dedicated to the preservation of marine biodiversity through clinical actions and the rescue of marine fauna under threat, development of research projects and education and awareness activities in favor of the marine environment . Currently, it is our duty to be more aware than ever before in order  to save the oceans from the great threats that confront it. Pollution, climate change and non-respectful human activities are causing the death of numerous species of marine fauna and flora.

One of the most active projects of the foundation is the rescue and recovery of marine animals, providing special attention to turtles and dolphins. Undoubtedly an exceptional work that they finance through direct donations or collaborations on specific projects. In our case, Yurbban will contribute 1% of the profits obtained by direct sales during this first semester. All this with the sole objective of being able to cover the needs of this project and offer a remedy to pollution. In addition, CRAM also organizes beach clean-ups, a highly necessary activity in which more and more volunteers are joining.

Thanks to everyone for your contributions and we hope to continue sharing more news of new projects to come.

For a 2020 full of good deeds!