Raquel Sogorb – From the imagined to a space with charm.

Raquel Sogorb is an interior designer and she represents the evolution from the imagined to a space with charm.

When ideas on paper develop and come to fruition. Raquel Sogorb Estudio has been responsible for bringing shape, style and design to the Yurbban hotels located in Barcelona.

Raquel Sogorb leads the work of interior design uniting practicality, functionality and aesthetics. She has beautified the space where comfort reigns supreme in two historical buildings. The new project, Yurbban Passage Hotel & Spa seeks to enhance the character and personality of the original building. A space of discreet style in which we find contemporary furniture and where fine materials and natural fabrics take center stage.

Experience Barcelona as if it were your home, the place that inspires you, the space where you create. Your favorite corners? The streets of Ciutat Vella, the alleys and balconies filled with plants and clothes hanging out to dry.

As references, Raquel emphasizes the architecture of Richard Neutra, the elegance of the Seagram building or the architecture and furnishings of the Belgian architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen.