Summer arrives loaded with good news!

We welcome the summer with a lot of enthusiasm, as our collaboration with the Exit Foundation comes to an end, a collaboration with which we have been able to help 25 young people at risk of social exclusion thanks to the eDuo project.

Last January we joined forces and managed to bring opportunity to different young people in vulnerable situations.  Motivated and trained, these guys and girls have played a role from the first moment with the company, feeling valued, realized and part of a team. Thanks to all of you who have collaborated to make it possible.

On the other end, we began the second quarter of the year with very good news, as we announced a new solidarity project with the Llars Compartidas Foundation, which works with the aim of improving the quality of life of older people with low incomes.

How do they do that? In a very original way! They propose a model of aging in company, a solution that responds to the challenges of aging, access to housing and unwanted loneliness.

We focus on those elderly people who, despite receiving a pension, can not access affordable and accessible housing because they do not have enough money to pay the rent for a flat and, in most cases, suffer situations of unwanted loneliness. Thanks to the help of the Llars Compartides Foundation, they are jointly responsible for the expenses and, furthermore, combat loneliness, which has a positive impact on their health at all levels.

Yurbban Hotels, together with Llars Compartides, have set up an action focused on helping to cover the maintenance expenses of 9 homes that they manage for the next 6 months, where 34 elderly people live with mental and physical autonomy, who have chosen cohousing as a solution. These expenses can be, for example, the purchase of washing machines, refrigerators, mattress supports, water leaks, wardrobes, etc.

We are very happy and excited to start this new project, because, as they say “Josep’s stories live better with Teresa’s smiles”.

Thank you all for helping us to continue fighting for those who need it the most!

CONDITIONS: 1% of the total sales through our own website collected between the months of July and December 2019 will be entirely allocated.