We have sponsored 20 olive trees!

One of the ingredients that is never missing in any of our recipes is oil. And if it is extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), success is guaranteed.

The team at Yurbban received the news of the project carried out and we wanted to be part of it. This is why this 2019 we join the fight for the recovery of abandoned olive trees and the conservation of biodiversity.

This project was born in Oliete, in the province of Teruel, where, historically, the Phoenicians, Iberians and Romans decided to plant immortal olive trees. Owing to the increase in levels of rural exodus in recent times, olive trees have been abandoned due to the huge amount of work involved in their maintenance. Which amounts to, in their terms, 30 years of neglect for 100,000 centennial history.

Thus the project by was born. A team of people looking for godfathers and godmothers for these centenary trees, who work to return to these abandoned olive trees the value they deserve while generating a sustainable and social economy that a town like Oliete needs in order to survive over time. In appreciation of this gesture of solidarity, the olive trees reward their godparents with their own oil. An age-old product of the highest quality that our clients can enjoy. And in our restaurant Plat Únic we will use the olive oil generated by our 20 sponsored olive trees, characterized by its almond and intense flavor, ideal for slow-cooked dishes, such as our Fricandó.

All in all, a well-rounded project, the first solidary, sustainable and social extra virgin olive oil.