Welcome to the «Passatge de les Manufactures»

Yurbban Passage Hotel & SPA is located in the recently inaugurated Passatge de les Manufatures, now a beautiful alley of the city, but without an entrance or exit up until just a few months ago. The passage links ​​Ciutat Vella and Eixample, neighborhoods of Barcelona, joining the streets Ortigosa / Trafalgar to Sant Pere Mes Alt.

Yurbban Hotels has revived the Passatge de les Manufactures, which in recent years had lost its former splendor, transforming it into an artistic and gastronomic center.

A passage filled with history

During the Middle Ages, the neighborhood of Sant Pere represented the textile hub of Barcelona, ​​with guilds of wool and cotton, expanding up to the 19th century. Until then this passage had played host to different textile establishments, such as the hotel building itself, which in 1878 was a warehouse where traders and neighbors met, and experienced a final push with the construction of the Palau de la Música in 1908.

Today, it is a beautiful corner bringing together history, art and gastronomy, and one which continues to preserve that same spirit: it is a meeting point where adventures and the exchange of experiences take place.

Art that unifies past and future

Art plays a leading role in the passage: we find the impressive sculpture Petjades (footsteps) by Antoni Yranzo, a renowned artist from Barcelona who offers a three-dimensional sculpture, though it seems almost flat. The work that presides over the Passatge de les Manufactures is a symbol of the passage of time, progressing from the present to future.

The aim of Yurbban Hotels has been to restore a passage of the city, bringing back the charm and history that had always been present. The philosophy “Live as a native” is the concept that Yurbban Hotels embraces and one which separates it from other establishments.  This is how we have experienced the restoration of the Passatge de les Manufactures.