At the Fundació Comtal, they believe that all children and young people should have the opportunity to fulfil their life project without being limited by the context in which they were born. That’s why they promote education and the social inclusion and employability of socially vulnerable children and young people in Barcelona’s Casc Antic and help them rewrite their future.

“80% of children born poor will continue to be poor when they are adults” or “In Catalonia, one in four children lives below the poverty line” are some data that describe today’s reality. And to get out of this situation, these children not only need to have their basic needs met. They also need educational and emotional support, training, motivation and someone who listens to them and accompanies them constantly. The goal is to improve the family’s overall well-being and the environment in which they live, that is, to offer a comprehensive support service.

At Yurbban Hotels, in collaboration with Fundació Comtal, we want to help them rewrite their future.

Summer is when they are most vulnerable since it usually means that children spend most of their time alone at home or out and with no access to educational resources, leisure options or summer camps.

Fundació Comtal offers a series of activities such as farmhouse camps or regular camps to prevent child marginalization, promoting the learning and socialization of children and teenagers in the months of June, July and August.

Our wish is that children can enjoy excursions, workshops, trips to the beach and pools, visits to cultural centres and many other activities that include daily breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. And our goal is to be able to fund summer camp fees for 15 children so they can enjoy their summer holidays for 5 days. So they can socialise in nature and the outdoors. So they acquire tools to improve their self-esteem and manage their personal autonomy.

A commitment to the defence of children’s rights and opportunities, helping to rewrite the future of the most vulnerable.

Book through our website to take part and unite efforts for this project.

CONDITIONS: We will donate 1% of total sales through our website between the months of January and June of 2018.