Xavier Franco – Tradition and proximity presented on the table

Proximity cuisine in the new restaurant D’Aprop in Barcelona.

The new restaurant D’Aprop of The Yurbban Passage Hotel & Spa in Barcelona offers nothing but the best of the territory in a cuisine of proximity, led by gastronomic advisor Xavier Franco, one Michelin star chef in the restaurants Saüc and Les Magnòlies. Deeply rooted traditions and customs of the Catalan culinary culture, lunch and regular menus of D’Aprop are standing up for quality of the native product in elaborations that are emphasizing certificates of origin of the used ingredients.

Franco signs wide gastronomic offer for D’Aprop restaurant, with its roots in tradition, in order to create a cuisine with great personality. Devoted to the style of The Yurbban Hotels that invites tourists to live Barcelona “as natives”, both the cocktail bar and the restaurant of D’Aprop are representing the way of life that the natives have, but also the other Catalans to taste and to rediscover their territory by having a small bite or a snack, a chef’s plate or a digestif drink. The recreation of the tastes that belong to the memory and the custom of the shown product in creative elaborations and suggestive presentations define the offer of D’Aprop.