Yurbban Inside Out – Marta Parera

Visual Haikus

My language is visual. I look. I observe, many times with my eyes closed, others look sideways. And some while I sleep. I am inspired and feel comfortable expressing myself through images. And in a way between casual and voluntary, I usually mix photographs in my mind, I intertwine them to generate a speech or to define thoughts.

Just as the same painting evokes different meanings for each one of us, each of these series tells more than one story. Also, at the same time, it only helps to describe a particular person, moment or emotion. Figures, images and snapshots become representations of reality, projections of an imaginary, metaphors of fiction.

They have turned the world upside down, and we debated between figures, assumptions and the hope of walking again.

Now is the time to write a great story. Among all. With desire. Without fear. And then toast again.

Just duck your head for air and watch where you step. In order not to cross borders. To feel your feet rooted in the ground and feel alive. And celebrate it.

A look from the inside out. Do you remember the sound of silence?

Yesterday I reached into a jar of salt to remember the sand texture and the smell of the sea.

To my collection of memories, I have added, reread books, forgotten songs, knowing looks and moments of silence.

Flap the wings in a glass cage.

Put on a freshly ironed shirt to lie on the sofa and read a good book. Luxury in the mundane.

We have gone on to look at projections instead of real life.

We will be together again soon. Without uncertainties. Without ellipsis.

*Marta’s photo by Beatriz Janer

** The rest of the images used to create this imagery are pieces whose authorship I do not know. They have helped to give light and have materialized my ideas and thoughts.