Yurbban Inside Out – Mireia Guix

Sant Jordi is one of the local festivals that the whole team and all those who live in Barcelona like to celebrate. On April 23rd the city is filled with roses, and most of us enjoy exchanging books and readings with each other. This year 2020, together with Mireia Guix, Storytel Marketing Manager, we had worked to offer you a day full of conferences and plans related to all kinds of book genres. The objective was to provide an extensive repertoire of meetings and talks with different writers to bring renowned authors and readers together. Due to the current situation, this event has been postponed for the near (we hope and wish) future. Still, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to introduce you to Mireia and Storytel.

She will, below, tell us a little more about this APP that unites culture with new technologies. We find this “new way of reading” books exciting. Right now the time seems to have slowed down and perhaps many of us have more time to sit quietly and read. Or maybe, now more than ever, the tasks are piling up, and Storytel will make it easier for us to enjoy a book while doing any other activity. Choose the way you prefer to absorb content, be it in audiobook, podcast or paper version … but above all, don’t stop reading!

Hello, my name is Mireia Guix, and I have been working as Marketing Manager at Storytel for 2 years now. Storytel is a subscription platform for audiobooks, ebooks, and podcasts that under a flat fee you can access its entire catalog without restrictions. We call it as the Netflix of books … Stortyel is a Swedish company that came to Spain two and a half years ago. Currently, we have more than 200,000 books in all categories such as novels, romance, crime, biographies, personal growth, health, and food, etc.What I like most about Storytel is the excellent variety of titles to choose from depending on what I feel like at the moment. Now, on days of confinement, I appreciate being able to listen to stories while doing housework or relaxing on the balcony sunbathing. My favorite audiobooks are the ones that talk about health, wellness, and entrepreneurship, I’m also a big fan of podcasts.
Storytel’s audience is mainly female, between 25 and 40 years old, residing in urban areas. Storytel users have grown 253% since confinement began. Surely users find in the consumption of stories, one of the best options to entertain themselves, with all the benefits that audio reading offers us, such as breaking the monotony, self-knowledge, feeling of company or relaxation. In this way, audiobooks have established themselves as another alternative to enjoy literature during this month and the week of the book.The standard free trial offer is 14 days but for all Yurbban friends, we offer a free 30-day trial promotion HERE