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Live as a native

About us

There's a sort of strange spontaneity in walking the streets of your own city with a friend who's never been there before. Every street, every taxi, everything you do is new and exciting to them.

Things that are routine for us become extraordinary through their eyes and what we find extraordinary becomes spectacular.

Rediscovering through their eyes. Feeling a part of something important for those who visit us. Experiencing the city like a native. Sensing it through the eyes of someone discovering it for the first time.

This is our duty.

Yurbban. Live Barcelona as a native.




To provide an accommodation experience that exceeds our guests’ expectations in terms of quality, uniqueness and authenticity, thanks to a professional, passionate team, allowing the guests to delve into a new city as if they were locals through culture and cuisine (live as a native).


Benchmark locations in urban settings and creating privileged environments for distinguished guests.


Hybrid views that appreciate global and hyperlocal at the same time.


Unique, warm, modern design. Meeting both rational and emotional needs.

Do it yourself

Giving guests the option to customise some of the services on offer.

To be a prestige brand that develops and manages original, authentic, sustainable accommodation concepts offering memorable experiences in Europe and Latin America.

Renata D’Angelo: She has always carried a camera in her hand, it is her third eye and what encourages her to express herself..

Renata D’Angelo’s upcoming exhibition at Yurbban Trafalgar, “Mirando la vida pasar”, is the title of her exhibition, where she reflects how the days go by and nothing changes, but suddenly one day nothing is the same. Photographs that are like a tenuous spider thread that is woven with delicacy and tenacity. Renata speaks little. Neither […].

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Bonaventura Durall-Aulet: “Being with my camera is a very intimate moment where I’m alone with myself.”.

Bonaventura Durall-Aulet’s upcoming exhibition at Yurbban Trafalgar, “Més enllà de dels carrers”, is an intimate and delicate journey where the photographer explores the human moves and the landscape as mirrors of himself. From May 19 to June 29 2022. Directed by @beatrizjanerIn collaboration with @photographicsv We bet on local talent..

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We're eco-friendly

We’ve been granted Class A building certification thanks to our thermal insulation for comfort inside, a smart climate-control system and highly efficient lighting and machinery. This allows us to get the best results out of each space while limiting consumption as much as possible.

We are committed to sustainability, using biodegradable hangers and giving guests the option to save water and power by re-using their towels.

Tips on how to be a good visitor, not a tourist


10 pieces of advice for a green city


Our hotels also offer guests bicycles to use free of charge. Our Finna Cycles Bikes, made in Barcelona, can be requested during your stay.

Looking for

We believe that
sharing is growing.

We're proud to say that we have a professional team whose foundations are based on sharing. People who work efficiently and are adaptable and flexible in any situation. Driven and good communicators. People who love the city they live in and teamwork. Intuitive minds that anticipate change. People who are honest, positive and proactive, who funnel all their energy into growing both inside and out of the company.

Our greatest desire is to give our guests the best possible experience and we want you to be a part of that.

We have a plan for you: contact with us

Yurbban Headquarters

Via Laietana, 45, 6 1ª, 08003, Barcelona-Spain

+34 931 600 303 expansion@smartroomscompany.com