Barcelona Hotel Terrace Week 2018

To climb the highest point of the buildings, to observe the city at our feet and to make a toast with a good company, while enjoying the emblematic skyline of Barcelona. This plan is closer to you than you can imagine!

With arrival of the good weather in Barcelona, we are officially inaugurating the rooftop-season of the city. Its starting gun is marked by the “Hotel Terrace Week”, an initiative that is already celebrating its 8th edition with a participation of 83 luxury hotels that will from the heights, during one week, offer music, entertainment and gastronomy to the citizens.

Take part in a showcooking, in a wine and cocktail tasting of the Cellers Familia Torres or listen live music from the privileged viewpoints, with spectacular views. Stop imagining it and do it during the “Week of terraces” in Barcelona.

From Yurbban Hotels we are joining the initiative that is organizing Gremi d’Hotels of Barcelona and you can enjoy it from our terraces from the 2nd until the 10th of June.

The illustrators Zosen and Montse Salvat will do live painting of the crystal railings of the Hotel Yurbban Trafalgar and of the Yurbban Passage Hotel&Spa, with the most representative skyline of Barcelona, while, from the back, a DJ will mix live music that will make you move.



From the 2nd until the 6th of June, from 19h to 21h.

Gastronomic offer

Grilled veal honk sandwich

Glass of wine



From the 7th until the 10th of June, from 19h to 21h

Gastronomic offer

Rustic bread with anchovies and olive oil

Glass of wine


Summer atmosphere installs in Barcelona and it has arrived in order to stay for good. The “Hotel Terrace Week” is a must that can’t be missed on your activity list for this June in Barcelona!