Going to the park in Barcelona

The spring is here and the parks of the city start to get full! At Yurbban we love Barcelona and to explore all its possibilities, that is why we have done a selection of parks for you to choose the want you like to do a picnic, spend the afternoon and lay on the grass reading a book under the sun.

In this post we will recommend you some special places of the city. We have chosen four of our favourite parks from a city that has 2784 hectares of green zones. It hasn’t been an easy task because Barcelona has infinite possibilities.


We start with La Ciutadella. the park par excellence of Barcelona. It is a park placed in the Ciutat Vella district, near Yurbban Trafalgar (just 15 minutes walking) and it is the heart of the city. It was one of the first public parks and you can find the Natural Sciences Museum, Barcelona’s Zoo and the Catalonian Parliament. It was declared historical artistic monument of the city in 1951. The park was built copying the Luxemburg Park of Paris and in 1888 was the the headquarters of the Universal exhibition of Barcelona. You have ten entries to the park, one of them is through the zoo, and it has 17.4 hectares. The greenhouse it is remarkable as is a wonderful spot inside of the park.


We recommend you any of its grasslands to lay and enjoy the sun or by the shade of a Plane tree, lime trees (or basswoods) and poplar or aspens among 100 more spices.


Are you looking for a less known park as interesting as La Ciutadella? We recommend you the Laberint d’Horta park. It is a park that was the old residence of a bourgeois family and before that it had been a medieval defence. You can literally get lost in the park before you lay and enjoy the sun and the calm. It has an Italian style with cypress bushes creating the labyrinth. A unique place with two neoclassic cupolas. Do you want to play to hide-and-seek?

If what you like is botany and rose bushes at Yurbbaner we have the park you are looking for: Cervantes Park, it is a park from 1965 that has eleven thousand rose bushes with two hundred and fifty different varieties. From April to November it is the ideal moment to enjoy its blooming. We want to make special attention to the roses contest done every year in this park. The park has a children’s play area, Ping-Pong and picnic zone.

Do you like art even in the parks? We also have a suggestion for you. Not everyone from Barcelona know that in a public space in the city there is a Chillida sculpture of giant dimensions.

In 1987 it was built the Creueta del Coll park, where the vegetation are palm trees, Plane trees, holm oaks and cypresses among others.

Chillida’s work is really impressive, the water’s compliment, a concrete block suspended on the lake with steel cables that hang from the mountain and that is reflected in the water. It is said that the artist intention was to remind the Narcissus’s myth who remained captivated by his own reflection.


We could choose more parks, don’t hesitate to ask in our reception how to get to this places and any other details. All the parks of our city are waiting for you… Which one do you choose?