Healthy, yummy and sustainable: Welcome to the Flax & Kale universe

«What would be Barcelona without Flax & Kale?» Asks Magali Dalix, a recognized athlete and trainer, confident vegetarian and cold-pressed juices devotee from Teresa’s Juicery. And her comment is so true. «Where were we going before Flax & Kale?» She adds.

In 2011, Teresa Carles restaurant (in Jovellanos Street) got a place in our hearts as well as in our stomach. The opened entrance, the stone walls, and the way of democratize healthy plates, captured our hearts. A Restaurant for everyone, far away from those who think that vegetarians have to settle down with tofu burgers and salads. Nothing could be more untrue. Teresa Carles Restaurant showed us that another world is possible, and its acquired expertise from several travels and many years of professional trajectory in her Paradís Restaurant in Lleida, made us fall in love with their menu. New textures, different tastes, and the recognition and glorification of local products, makes it become a reference for both veggies and not veggies.

Three years later arrived the little brother of the ‘flexiternian’ chain: Flax & Kale, shaking up the healthy world. It is simply one of the best Restaurants in Barcelona. Furthermore, they take care of every details, as we do love in Yurbban. An interior design that could be from SOHO in NY, and very Barcelona style at the same time. Musical thread is always from TOP Indie bands, and the graphic design is just wonderful, and all this, summed up with their exquisite plates, juices and desserts, gives us a hotspot in Barcelona.
Into the bargain, this human and modern team, slow food promoter, opened a Restaurant Flax & Kale à Porter inside the H&M flagship Store, in Passeig de Gracia 11. Can they be cooler?

Want to know their secret? They take a chance for ‘flexiterian’ diet, vegan and vegetarian, with raw food vegan plates, blue fish and their blessed juices. Ultimately, their menu is wide range, generous and chic.

And don’t miss this: We want to share with you that Teresa Carles Healthy Foods (TCHF) will open a Flax & Kale Passage, their third Restaurant in Barcelona, in our new Yurbban Passage Hotel, ready to be inaugurated.

The space will be located in Sant Pere Mes Alt Street, in Ciutat Vella quartier, connected to Trafalgar Street through Passatge de les Manufactures.

Here are some clues about their style cuisine: as they are always innovative and original, they won’t be repeating formulas, they will go further. «In less than three years, Flax & Kale has become a world reference in their category. Accordingly, the easiest way would have been to copy the formula of Taller’s Street Restaurant. However, we are conscious that our success comes also from our capacity to amaze our customers through developing new products».

Flax & Kale Passage will be healthy, yummy and sustainable. Could you ask for more?

Photos: Flax & Kale