Some secrets about El Tomás de Sarrià

“Barcelona is yours take it!”. This is written in the map we have at the reception of the Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel. Living us a native and experiment the true Barcelona is one of our goals. That is why we like to highlight some spots in our blog that also are recommended in the map, just because we like them and we think they reflect our philosophy Live as a Native. There is nothing better than living the cities as a native and get lost in special places.
Today we start with the 49th of the Mayor de Sarrià street, you can find there the Bar Tomás, where is it said that bravas are almost a mystic experience, which have been dedicated books, blogs and have been even mentioned by famous people.

The Bar Tomás started in 1929 in Sarrià neighbourhood. It is a neighbourhood worth it to visit, it still has the charming of a town, there is no doubt that it has a special magic. Besides, Tomás is in its the main street.

The first thing you notice on the entrance of the bar apart from the noise of the plates, the voices of the waiters and the high volume of the clientele are some photos on how was the bar and Sarrià‘s neighbourhood at the beginning of the century. Stop there to enjoy the black and white images that are worth it.

Even though some years ago they brought up to date the bar it preserves the same charm as a life-time bar. A long counter with the same waiters as Perico who always has been there. An endless row of paper serviettes on the floor that point out all the people they have served during the day.

I ask to a foreign girl called Sharon why is she there: “I am studying in Barcelona and my classmates recommended me this place. I asked for 2 plates of bravas and I would be able to eat a third one”, says smiling after showing me the Instagram image.

Now they already have the menu in English: bravas, tuna, croquettes, dumpings, russian salad, anchovies, fuet (pork) cockles, clams, olives… We are not going to stop and analyse the funny translations but we are going to stare at their delicious tapas.

What do the Tomás bravas have that is not found in other places? It seems a simple recipe, fried potatoes in olive oil, peeled and cut in an irregular way, crunchy with a delicious alioli sauce and a red spicy home-made secret. We know you will go there to taste them but please, don’t forget the tuna with pepper or if you like the pickling brine try the anchovies and also the small pasties that are home-made. They are their most popular dishes just after the bravas.

What happens if you arrive and it’s full? We are going to tell you a secret yurbbaners, that only a few know. Next to the Tomás bar there is another one and it is owned by the same people. It is called Ivorra 10 and their menu is based on mixed dishes and of course their famous bravas. It always has place to sit and just the neighbours know about it. It isn’t as picturesque or nice as the other but is as genuine as Tomás bar, very effective if you come from far away and it is very quiet. It is in Ivorra Street which is perpendicular to Mayor de Sarrià. In their menu apart from sandwiches and mixed dishes you can find tapas and pizzas.

We promise to continue unravelling places that are special for us so that you can enjoy the Barcelona that we enjoy. It is a #Yurbban word!