Yurbbaner come to the market!

A lot of travellers the first thing we do when arriving to a new city is going to one of its markets. There is nothing we can think to be more #Liveasanative than going to this places. They are cultural heritage, they show us the place’s gastronomy, the seasonal products and we learn from their people. Not only it is a gastronomic experience, it is also existential.

If you buy in a Barcelona’s market it will probably rise your eyebrows that everyone is calling you “cariño, bonica, guapo” or “reina”. It will really cheer you up. In addition, they advise you about the seasonal products and the Km0 ones.


Another characteristic thing about Barcelona’s markets is its ready-cooked food stands or pickles. If you have a picnic in one of the city parks or go to the beach with one of our bicycles, enjoy the takeaway dishes they offer. And if you are in love with pickles, you will find from marinate aubergine to the best anchovies.


Barcelona’s council has a map and a list of markets at your disposal, so if you want to do a tour of them, this map of the Barcelona’s markets will make it really easy. They also have a small description of each market so that the Yurbbaner can choose.


The nearest markets from #YurbbanTrafalgar are Santa Caterina, La Boqueria and El mercado de Fort Pienc.


The Fort Pienc market is a fairly recent one, it was built in 2003. From Yurbban it is a walk of less than 20 minutes, going through Arc de Triomf. Around this market you will find one of the best libraries in the city. And if you go to the Bogatell beach, Fort Pienc is the ideal market because it is on your way.


The Boquería market is internationally known and it is one of the most touristic marketes of the city, its real name is Sant Josep market. It is also close to Yurbban Trafalgar and has more than 300 commercial stands. It was opened in 1840 and in that moment it was an outdoors market where the trading and the farmers sold their products. In the book “Barcelona Intima” written by Aurora Altisent, she takes this quote from the historian Alexandre Cirici: “La Boquería is not just a voices festival. It is son et lumière. It is a colour and smell party”. And despite of the fact that is one of the most crowded places in the city, it still has its own charming. If you get over the sweets and juices, you will find 2 classic places to eat: Pinotxo and Quim. We recommend you to go out of the peak hours. Pinotxo is ideal to have breakfast, let the people in charge to advice you. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 6am to 5pm. One of their specialties is noodles with scrambled eggs.

Quim opens from Tuesday to Thursday form 7am to 4pm and Friday and Saturday from 7am to 5pm. If you like meatballs, you will enjoy one of the best in Barcelona, they also have dishes as bull tail or pork feet.


Santa Caterina is the closest market to Yurbban. If you saw it in pictures, you would already know that it has a strange wavy roof with different colours. These characteristics have made the market an architectural icon in the city. The market was rebuilt in 2005 by the architects Eric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliablue. It took up the place where the old one was which was built in 1895 and had been a convent before becoming a market.

If you want to eat there, you will find Cuines a tapas restaurant open all day for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The menu reflects the market products and includes Asian and vegetarian dishes


Anyone you choose it will be worth it. Life in cities is reflected by their markets.