Lifelong shops in Barcelona

When we travel we like to enjoy genuine places. The Yurbban philosophy ‘Live as a Native‘ tries to transmit precisely this essence, travelling and discovering places through their people and the unique gastronomy of the different places. In some cities there are some of those charming shops from another time.

In Barcelona you will find colmados (old grocery stores) and shops that are a journey to the tradition, local delights and to Barcelona’s history.

Yurbbaners, here you have a selection of these places that show a piece of Barcelona’s history and the people that lives in it:

Múrria (C/Roger de Llúria, 85) in the middle of the Eixample close to Yurbban Trafalgar there is this marvellous modernist place from the 1898 and it is part of the modernist route of the city. It is a colmado an ancient word also known as ultramarinos (corner shop) because the products that were sold in its origin were coffee, tea or spices that were brought from ultramar (overseas). This gastronomic ‘must’ offers haute gastronomy products and Joan Múrria and his charming team offers an exquisite treatment. You can find: champagne, wine, oil, biscuits, chocolate and a large selection of cheeses.


Forn Sarret (c/ Girona 73) is near Múrria and is also part of the Barcelona’s Modernist route. It is a bakery that preserves its charming from 1866, when it was opened. It has two entrances with beautiful wood frames and colourful pieces of glass. It’s classic to see someone taking a picture in front of the image of a farmer girl in a wheat field. On the 28th of April in 2017, Forn Sarret will be recognised as the ‘Centenary commercial establishment of the country’. If you want one last recommendation, taste their walnut bread, it is delicious.

Photo: Wikipedia

Herboristería del Rey (C/ del Vidre 1), if you want to visit a shop which origin was in 1823, one of the oldest ones in the city, you must include in your Yurbbaner map this place. Its origin goes back to 1818 but moved in 1923 to its actual location. It is said that it is the first herbalist’s shop in Barcelona and possibly in Catalonia. The place is beautiful; decorations are the same as it was when the Queen Isabel II proclaimed them the official supplier of the Royal House and in fact, it is decorated with a mixture of Luis XVI and Isabel II styles.

Cerería Subirà (C/ Llibreteria 7) opened in 1840 as a fabric and knitting shop ‘La Argentina’ preserves its beautiful decoration from then and it has as a main element a gorgeous stair inside of the shop. You will find all kinds of candles, it is worth it to visit and enjoy its interior design.

Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Here you have four lifelong shops, four charming places worth it to visit to get to know Barcelona better. The Barcelona that we love so much and we would like to share with you.