Sangria goes gourmet

Lolea is fun and happiness with friends and family. Lolea is summer, picnics, parties and friendship.

The Lolea team has a very clear idea for putting a new spin on the Spanish tradition of drinking sangria, with everything that ritual implies and the good atmosphere that goes with it. To extol its character and personality, they decided to create a fun, casual image for a craft beverage.

This sangria doesn’t hide its origins in wine, it celebrates them. Unassuming but not simple, Lolea takes us back to the fun culture of wine with soda water, carefree drinks and casual conversations in bars and on terraces. It’s great any number of ways: cold, in a wine glass, with a mixer or not, the only thing that matters is enjoying it with friends.

Its fresh sweetness makes it the perfect drink with tapas or small Mediterranean dishes. An informal drink with a retro look. An aperitif with local flavour. A little break with those you love.
This is why we welcome you with a nice cold glass of Lolea when you arrive at Yurbban Hotels. So that you can relax, disconnect and let yourself be seduced by one of the most Mediterranean flavours as soon as you step foot in the city.