Gatronomic tour without leaving Passatge de les Manufactures

The gastronomy has a leading role in our culture, even the main one sometimes. We created a life based on personal relations where the food and the drinks act as enhancers of the happiness. We love being with friends and family around the table, and many times we gather for work at a restaurant or just to take a coffee, what keeps being a good excuse to meet a friend we haven´t seen in ages. Following our philosophy live as a native, we are suggesting you discovering the customs of our culture through the gastronomy.


The Passatge de les Manufactures is a beautiful enclave of the city, where Yurbban Passage Hotel&Spa is located, that unites Ortigosa/Trafalgar Street with Sant Pere Mes Alt. Our recommendation is doing a gastronomy tour in just 80 meters, without leaving recently released Passatge.

We start with the breakfast, the most important meal of the day: betting on the healthy lifestyle is a very good option in Yurbban Passage.

There are not so many healthy pleasures like having a wholesome breakfast and transforming the first meal of the day in a good plan. Seasonal fruits, açai bowls, fresh squeezed juices… treat yourself in the early morning using the benefits that a healthy and tasty breakfast in Yurbban Passage contributes to the organism and to the intellectual functioning.

Continuing the gastronomy tour inside of the Passatge de les Manufactures, we arrive at the restaurant D’Aprop (Close Up), cozy and with a 0 km cuisine. There, following our philosophy of enhancing the local culture, you can taste the traditional Catalan dishes.

Proximity, authenticity and tradition are the basis of D’Aprop, where all the dishes are the result of the union between tradition, carefulness and a cuisine inherited from previous generations, transforming it in an entire gastronomic experience, full of contrasts and flavors.

Among the starters you can find dishes such as Un Passeig per la nostra terra (A walk around our land) that is a selection of typical cold cuts. Among the main dishes is a Cold veal tataki from Girona, with monastrell grape, tomato, onions and cabernet. Moreover, on the menu can be found selection of dishes where the egg is the protagonist.

And finally, we finish our gastronomic tour by having dinner in Flax & Kale, the flexitarian restaurant that rules the condal city. It is one of the four restaurants that the Teresa Carles family runs in the city, each one with its own menu. The restaurant has its bases in vegetarian Food, leaving an open door for the animal-derived products. The power of the menu lies in the dishes to share: salads, soups and bowls fulled with color and innovation.

Flax & Kale claims healthy eating in order to have a wholesome and happy life. Therefore, they work with nutritionists, trying to balance in each and every dish the nutritional value with gastronomic and, above all, esthetic pleasure.


We are inviting you to visit the enigmatic Passatge de les Manufactures and to discover different flavors and sensations that can be hardly found in places far away from our land, an authentic tour for the palate, enjoying the culture and the local spirit.