Joan and his passion for wood

Joan Guasch, a carpenter down to the core, has turned his devotion into a profession. The origin of his passion for wood goes back to when he was 12 years old and his mother, for his birthday, gave him a toolbox. Without hesitation, he knew for whom he would carry out his first job and with his own hands he began to work with wood, the material that has accompanied him his entire life.

Joan creates objects based on the needs and desires of others, or his own. When we ask him what his biggest dream is, he tells us that he would like to build a “patín a vela”, a boat with more than 90 years of history with which he has played around with since childhood. It is because his roots come from the sea, as he belongs to a family of fishermen.

Joan has grown and lived together with the work and, for years, he has shared his love for wood with another of equal or stronger love, his Harley Davidson. Atop his motorcycle he disconnects, evades and manages a smile; one which characterizes him so much.

With this strength and conviction, the craftsman accepted the challenge of fabricating a shuffleboard table for Yurbban Hotels. A design piece made with wood and conceived so that the clientele would have a point of leisure and meeting. A vibrant space inside the hotel around which moments of fun could be generated. From this our “petanque table” was born, marking the beginning of our relationship and friendship with Joan.