Our Hidden Barcelona (Part I)

When traveling we want to discover the true spirit of the places we visit. What charming spots we can’t miss, the best exhibitions, libraries to wander, the best restaurants to choose, the most beautiful parks to enjoy, or the coolest clubs to have fun. This is definitely the Yurbban spirit. «Live as a native» is a lifestyle, a way to experience the essence of the real Barcelona, and a way to enjoy the local talent.

Our city maps, our blog, our minibar products, our amenities and through our social media. With us, you will always find what makes Barcelona unique and different from any other city, and the best proof of this is what is written in guest books. All these funny stories that you, as Yurbbaners, write down and where thankful words are repeated because of the places we have recommended you.

This is why in this post, we have gathered those places that are special for us and that we believe can be special for you as well.

For Martina, the receptionist, it is impossible to recommend only one place in Barcelona. She elaborates upon the city: «To have some tapas or a good paella in La Barceloneta´s sunny quartier, to have a walk in El Born or the Gothic quartier, and also in Les Rambles. To stop at La Boqueria market and get some ready to eat fresh fruit, to enjoy the sunset in El Carmel quartier with a good sandwich and a bottle of wine, or to enjoy the night walking the quiet and calmness of the light filled city». This would be a Martina’s summary of the infinite possibilities of the city.

For Javier, the hotel’s deputy director, «Barcelona is a perfect mixture of culture, beauty, good weather, gastronomy, history and people», and if he had to choose only one spot, it would be «The Turó del Putxet park, particularly in a Sunday morning». Barcelona is definitely a city that has the perfect mix to adapt to all tastes.

For Xavi, our front office assistant «Barcelona has everything that anyone could ever need: the beaches, the mountains, art and culture, a wide range of job offers, the best gastronomy and charming people with an awesome history». When we asked him about his favorite spot, it was hard for him to pick one «For my day to day I love the simplicity of the Eixample neighborhood, to travel in time and transport yourself to the past there is nothing like losing yourself in the the Gothic quarter, and for a romantic date: the Born quarter».

For Carla, our marketing assistant, there is no doubt that her favorite Barcelona spot is «The tiny and quiet Sant Felip Neri square, hidden in the Gothic quartier. Although it is a place that carries a sad past, it transmits a certain peace and tranquility that cannot be obtained anywhere and that is definitely worth the visit».

We will continue to recollect these places that are special to our staff and that make Barcelona so unique so that we can share them with you and hopefully transmit a little bit of our happiness to you as a way of saying `thank you´ for trusting us during all these years.