Softheads, contemporary trophies loaded with charm

When we were opening our first Yurbban Trafalgar hotel, inspired by our commitment to local artistic talent, we decided to get in touch with Softheads. We wanted the walls of our rooms to feature a decorative element from a Barcelona-based artist. And so, we commissioned Sergio Roger to create and personalise the dogs that bring each and every room to life.

Of all the animals in his catalogue, the dogs were clearly the most urban option. Dogs of many different breeds and sizes, made with plain or print scraps of fabric. Dogs that were given a fun, sweet touch with glasses, hats, scarves and other accessories. Pieces that become the focus of our rooms and a great companion for all of our guests.

Softheads is a project that began between Barcelona and Berlin, and has inspired the most anecdotes in our guest book. Some guests have even adopted one of the fabric pets to take home with them. A souvenir with heart and personality, a tribute to the city.