Sonia Subirós – Monotype, the fresh pigment stamp

Sonia Subirós, an attorney by trade has been able to develop her career while maintaining her passion for art. She has combined painting and sculpture over the past three years and immersed herself in the world of print making (or engraving).

The Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel, an old textile factory, houses the Sonia’s first sculpture which was produced via a collaboration with the artist Margarita Veiga. The sculpture is a group of four resin cylinders which house bolts of fabric to honour the building’s textile heritage. The piece “Double Wide” alludes to the modern interpretation of the area that was once the dynamic centre of Barcelona’s economic and social community in the 19th century, especially the area’s link to the textile industry.

Sonia’s new print series, Monotipia, decorate the walls of each room at Hotel Yurbban Passage. The Monotipia series incorporates a grey, brown, blue and green colour palette in the work. These unique pieces were created through an artisanal and time intensive process in the studio.

Sonia rescued wallpaper from the historical building’s walls before it was restored and is currently in the process of creating a new series of work incorporating these remnants into her work. The intention is to capture a piece of the building’s history, to be saved and also transformed into another form of art.

Our intention has always been to link the essence of Yurbban Hotels to art, artists and local culture. All of our projects are based on this philosophy. According to Sonia her work speaks of the passage of time, of waiting and of silence as well as the landscape, the light and colour; all inspired by the spirit of Barcelona.