The hotel that welcomes you with a work by Jaume Plensa.

At Yurbban Hotels we want everyone who visits us to immerse themselves in local art and culture. At the Yurbban Passage hotel, we are the first to receive our clients with the impressive sculpture by Jaume Plensa, known as Irma’s Dream (2015).

For those who still don´t know him, Jaume Plensa is a Barcelona born artist whose work is based on distinct materials, sensations and human stories. This sculptor has worked in different countries that are well known in the world of art such as France, the United States and Berlin, where he has subsequently received great public recognition.

In addition to demonstrating his talent in different exhibitions, some of his most important works are exhibited in public places in various cities around the world, such as Pacific Soul in California, Roots in Japan, and Echo in New York.

Last December, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), premiered the largest individual exhibition of the artist to date, featuring a repertoire of his works since 1980. In it you can witness the extensive journey made by Plensa and the bold bets from one of the most internationally recognized Catalan artists. If you have the opportunity to visit it, don´t hesitate for even a second and head into the MACBA!


From Yurbban we thank Galería Senda for granting us some pieces from their collection so that our clients can enjoy them from the very moment they walk into the hotel. Collaborating not only with works by Jaume Plensa, but also by other great local artists such as Yago Hortal and Jordi Bernadó. This is our little tribute to them. Thank you all for filling the world with art and talent.