Our challenge with the ASSÍS Centre d’Acollida association started in 2017 and our goal was to get 200 nights of accommodation for Toni, a homeless person. Do you remember his story?

Toni is a homeless person who walks 6 km every day to come to our centre. At ASSÍS, Toni has hot coffee, a sandwich and something sweet for breakfast. Once he has “filled up the tank”, he goes to the wardrobe and hygiene service, where he takes a warm shower and puts on clean clothes. In addition to making use of these basic services, and others that ASSÍS offer, Toni has been coming to ASSÍS for 2 years to meet up with peers and friends, who don’t have a place to live either. With them, he can talk if he feels like it, play a game of dominoes and/or look for small jobs so he can get some extra money. In addition, Toni continues to “roll the dice” by sending his CV in order to achieve his goal: renting a room in the city where he was born and to which he has always dreamt of returning: Barcelona.

We are happy to announce that we have managed to exceed expectations thanks to all your help. Toni will have somewhere to live for 345 days! Away from the cold and the dangerous streets. In addition, he will also have professional guidance from a social educator, company from volunteers who come twice a month to visit him and a canteen grant.

The goal in this type of project is to provide people with a space from which to initiate change processes based on their personal abilities with the support of professionals and volunteers at ASSÍS Centre d’Acollida.

In this way, we’ve wrapped the year up with great news and we’re very excited about our new 2018 challenges and goals.

Thanks again on behalf of Toni, ASSÍS and the entire Yurbban Hotels team. Thank you for helping us grow and all those projects and people with whom we collaborate.