We kicked off the year with a new Foundation and with very good news!

Dear Yurbbaners, thanks to all of you, we are helping those who need it the most. We are happy to announce our new collaboration with the Foundation Èxit, to help 25 young people at risk of social exclusion. Thanks to your contributions we have launched the eDuo project, an educational challenge for these young people to get a job with a future.

We want these young students to gain confidence in themselves, to be granted equal opportunities and to discover which professions they wish to pursue. As such, we can help them enter the professional world in order to slowly bridge this gap between the social and business world.

Currently, there is a dropout rate of 19% in our country, almost twice that of the European Union, and we wish to combat this. An authentic educational revolution is taking place, and we want the young people here to be part of it.

But, what does the eDuo project consist of?

This project is based on a new educational model that proposes the introduction of young people in the company from the very start, so that they feel fulfilled, valued and part of a team.

To achieve this, eDuo carries out two initiatives:

– Training given by company volunteers and/or experts in the field.

– Collaborative work between peers and the mentoring of social groups in order to maintain the motivation and attitude of the young people. All this in addition to fostering the development of their skills.

Like this, we are building a better world together. Thanks to everyone!


CONDITIONS: One percent of the total sales will be allocated through our own website raised between January and June 2019.