Welcome to Yurbban Passage

You will find our Hotel side to side to one of the passages related to the economic and textile history of the city, the Manufatures Passage created in 1878. With love for what is local and with an international vocation. Same family as Yurbban, but with a unique personality and a superior category.

A wide entrance will welcome you, guiding you to the reception desk, that smells cedar and vetiver, a fragrance that now you will always associate with your Barcelona stay.

Do you pay attention to the soundtrack everywhere you go? Don’t panic! Your ears will be safe with music lists that include songs that are related in some way with the city, probably from bands that will be playing the following days days. Just like this little detail, there will be many more to surprise you.

While you check-in, you will be able to choose a drink: lime water, cucumber water, or the refreshing Lolea Sangría. All of them great options for the hot summer days, and yes, we serve them very cold. We love to give a professional and friendly service for you to start enjoying your stay in that exact moment.

Once you enter your room, you will notice the small details, that mean everything when you are away from home. A desktop to work with a powerful Wi-Fi, a comfortable chair, a huge bed, a big shower-head, a Nespresso coffee maker…Do you need to send e-mails or finish some reports? Don’t worry, you will be able to focus in our soundproof rooms.

Amenities fans and forgetful ones will be grateful for the high quality range of the products that can be found in the bathroom. And the messages in them!… We can’t reveal all of them, only that «Love is in your hair» is a delicious shampoo and «It’s like music to your hair» is an excellent hair conditioner.

In your room you will find a menu chart with five different types of pillows. For instance, Mash Pillow is perfect for sleep in a higher position or for reading and enjoying the huge television you will find in the room. Ergovisco Pillow has two different areas, especially thought as an anti-stress pillow or for those with cervical pain. The Thai one is a medium firmness pillow. The Tropic one is visco-elastic and ensures a perfect distribution of the weight. And the Duvet is filled with duck feathers in two different areas. It is so difficult to choose just one! And it is so wonderful to wake up without back pain and full of energy to travel the city.

To follow our philosophy, at Yurbban Passage, all the products from the mini-bar and food-box will show you our love for local things, since all the products are high quality and local. Most of them can be found in our homes. Casa Gispert nuts, Amatller chocolates, artisan beer, or Papa Bubble sweets, for you to snack when you feel like snacking…

And at the end of the day, what better than going to the pool area, so you can see the city at your feet. You’ll realize that you only live once, and you will also realize how beautiful the skyline of Barcelona is.