Yurbban Inside Out – Signature Organic & Vegan Spa

For those who do not know them yet, at the head of Signature Spa, the first vegan Spa in Spain, are José Calderón and Santiago Bolívar. It is located in our Yurbban Passage hotel.
This tandem has an extensive background in spas, wellness, and cosmetics. They have developed the concept of slow beauty with vegan and organic cosmetics to another level. They have made it clear that natural products can be very useful in skincare and that it is not a fashion but a way of life in today’s society. Creating awareness for maintaining the integrity of the planet, for sustainable consumption and an, exacerbated interest in our health and well-being. These days, we want you to take care of yourself from within and outside, and to do this, José has made a sensorial experience that can be easily made at home.


There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a spa and disconnecting from the world for a while.
That is why we recommend some tips so you can enjoy your Signature Spa moment at home and relax to the fullest.

Create a playlist
Choose music to relax: classical, jazz or chill out.

Light some candles
And dim the lights at home.
Put your mobile and all devices in silent mode.

Exfoliate your skin
The exfoliation cleanses and removes impurities from the skin, in addition to improving its appearance. In essence, it leaves it smooth, hydrated, soft and radiant. A body scrub removes dead skin cells, promotes their regeneration, and eliminates impurities, which translates into smooth and beautiful skin.

To create a body scrub, you can make use of foods or ingredients that you use daily.

Here are two types of scrubs:

– Sugar and lemon body scrub: 3 tablespoons of sugar + the juice of half a lemon + 3 tablespoons of olive oil.

Sugar: whatever its type, the texture is ideal for efficiently removing dead skin. The juice of half a lemon/orange will give your natural body scrub a pleasant aroma and stimulating properties for the skin.

– Salt body scrub: 3 tablespoons of salt + a few drops of lavender essential oil + 3 tablespoons of olive oil.

Salt: like sugar, grains of salt help to leave the skin soft, although in this case, you can play with different types of salt: there are finer and coarser grains. Olive oil and coconut oil (or other types and seeds) help hydrate the skin and are great for tying up the body scrub.

Take a bath with salts
A very sensorial experience that, accompanied by bath salts, it helps to complete the relaxation associated.

The skin absorbs the nutrients from the water, so we must make sure that it is rich in these nutrients. Add to the hot water, coarse sea salt, teas rich in antioxidants and herbs with repairing properties. It will be the best gift we can offer to our body.

In this case, we will use pure green tea due to its many virtues. In essence, it allows us to eliminate impurities, reduce enlarged pores and obtain a healthier texture and shine. It is also ideal for hydrating our hair and giving it more shine. Another good option would be white tea, due to its high level of antioxidants, or Rooibos due to its calming effect.

We can also add chamomile, thyme, a bit of zest of ginger or a few dried flower petals such as lavender.
If you have any essential oil at home, it will improve the benefits of these bath salts.

Alternate streams of hot and cold water
For the most daring, at the end of the bath or shower, you can pour cold water on your body from the bottom up, from the ankles to the waist, and from the hands to the heart, to stimulate the circulation and, last but not least, contributes to combat cellulite.

Nourish, brighten and regenerate the skin of the body
Once the bath is finished, apply a cream or body oil.

Our recommendation is the oil since its properties are numerous, and its effectiveness is quite fast. We will use a very little quantity so that it absorbs better in the body and that they do not leave that greasy sensation that we can expect from an oil texture. And with its soft and enveloping aroma, it contributes to generate a feeling of relaxation and almost immediate serenity.

Perfectly hydrated hands
Now, given the situation we are living in, we wash our hands much more frequently than usual, and this causes our skin to suffer, having dry, tight or irritated hands. We recommend applying a few drops of this dermo protective oil or cream directly on the back of the hand and distribute it with the end of the other. Massage and spread on the fingers and repeat its use every night.
Provide shine and hydration to the hair.
It is a traditional Indian custom. We recommend applying a little oil to the ends of the hair once a week at night. It manages to hydrate the hair in-depth and give it more shine. We recommend washing your hair the next day.

Apply a face mask
The face is one of the most sensitive areas. It requires more attention, so applying a mask once a week is highly recommended. Thanks to the facial masks, you will be able to show off a luminous, clean and impurity-free skin.

3 steps to a perfect complexion

— Cleaning
Apply facial gel to the slightly moistened face. Deeply massage your complexion in circular movements so that the gel emulsifies mousse and penetrates deeply, eliminating all types of dirt and impurities. Insist on the areas most likely to have black spots such as the T Zone (nose, forehead and chin), avoiding the eye area. Then, you just have to rinse your face by washing it with lukewarm water. Next, dry your complexion using a towel. It is recommended to lightly tap it to avoid irritating the skin by dragging it on the surface. Do not be in a hurry, it is always better to do it slowly, taking a few seconds, to achieve a better result.

— Eye contour
After cleansing the face, apply the eye contour from the inner corner of the eye contour to the outside, not forgetting the upper eyelid. Use a small amount and make little touches with your fingertips.

The eye contour revitalizes, hydrates and deeply repairs the area around the eye, combating bags and dark circles.

— Don’t forget about the cream.
It is a ritual that we should follow daily, without exception. The moisturizer is beneficial for all skin types as it repairs, protects and softens. It must be applied to the skin through a massage that helps stimulate circulation and favours the penetration of the product into the pores. If we use the moisturizer to the skin while it is still slightly moist, the moisturizing effect will last longer. We must always choose the appropriate cream for our skin type.

To finish, treat yourself!
Prepare your favourite smoothie or juice, or if you prefer a glass of cava and enjoy it to the fullest.


Beatriz Janer